Frenemies Who Fuck (Paige Owens, Nika Venom)

Frenemies Who Fuck Aug 5, 2022

Brazzers, Influencers Nika Venom and Paige Owens are frenemies who have begrudgingly agreed to shoot a video together. They don’t get along but know that, because they are both so insanely hot, their video is bound to go viral. They’ve set up a muckbang to entice their viewers, but their muckbang turns out to be more of a girl-bang! Petite Paige starts the food fight off by taunting Nika and smearing cream all over her big beautiful tits. Blonde Nika returns the favor when she covers Paige’s perfect body in sweet treats. Soon the two are rolling on the ground and lapping up each other’s wet pussies – I guess their viewers will get a muckbang after all!

Trailer : Frenemies Who Fuck

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